How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives

We all believe in things, ranging from Father Christmas when we are children, to God or a religion perhaps, when we become adults.

Beliefs and what we believe, in different areas of our life – create our DECISIONS, on a daily basis.

There are also other beliefs – around relationships, friends, food and lifestyle, that influence our choices. Unless we can become aware of them and how they are effecting our lives, we can never change them and improve the quality of our lives.

In today’s blog we are looking at three – our beliefs around ourselves, our food choices and fitness levels.

  1. Self Beliefs

What do you believe about yourself? Do you believe you can achieve anything in your life or believe you have limited capacity and opportunity? Maybe you believe “money does not grow on trees” or that “kids should be seen and not heard.” Some of these are beliefs that have been passed down from our parents, maybe from their grandparents and may not even be true!  But we still believe them because its “all we know” and “learnt behaviour”.

These self-beliefs, if not uncovered and attended to, can have daily consequences on your life and the decisions you make – on a moment to moment basis.

  1. Food Beliefs

Do you believe that food is only for pleasure? Or maybe you believe food is medicine and can be indeed delicious and nutritious, like we believe at in Ibiza! Maybe you think that food is only for comfort and should be used for things like keeping you warmer in the colder months of winter or getting over a break up after a relationship breakdown? Another belief some people may have is that eating animals is okay. Some people believe by reducing the number of dairy products consumed, they have a more positive impact on the environment and the body.

  1. Fitness Level Beliefs

What do you believe about how fit and strong you are? Do you believe that you will never be able to run a marathon? Or maybe you think you are weak, unhealthy and unfit? Some people truly believe they are very overweight – even when it’s sometimes not true and yet their beliefs dictate the path of their life.

Make time today and write down for each area above a positive statement or belief.

Here are some examples:

  1. A POSITIVE self belief – “I am enough, I love myself and value my life”
  2. A POSITIVE food belief – “I love to enjoy all foods in moderation, eat as natural as possible and drink alcohol in moderation.”
  3. A POSITIVE fitness belief – “When I put the effort into my fitness for 10 mins a day, I always feel the benefits and am happy I took action”.

My personal belief about YOU – reading this blog, “You have all you need within you now to improve your life quality.”

What do you believe?

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Health Coach