Five Key Rules For Naughty Food

Breaking news – There are NO NAUGHTY FOODS! So enjoy your chocolate and alcohol – (in moderation!)

This weeks blog from The Body Camp was written at one of my favourite so called “naughty” food cafes in America  – the amazing @theyogurtshoppe a cool place to enjoy a pure American type dessert. As I eat this lovely, creamy ice cream, I feel very, very happy!

 There are a few various reasons for my happiness….

 Not just because of the 3 different flavours, (Jennifer’s home made peanut butter, chocolate fudge brownie and salted caramel) with all the chocolate nuggets spread around the large tub and a massive chocolate brownie sat on top of it!

 I feel happy because of the following 5 key rules I keep in mind, which guests learn at in Ibiza….

 1. “I understand that it’s unhealthy to link shame to eating”

 When we associate the feeling of shame with what we are eating, we may invite different ways of dealing with this to enter our mind. Therefore the recommended way to deal with food is enjoy all “naughty” food in small portions and in moderation.

 2. “I have already earned this naughty “extra sugar” or “simple carbs” this morning with a workout”

 When we learn to workout before we enjoy simple sugars/chocolates and processed dead foods such as bread, cereals and pasta, we simply put the body back into balance and ensure that we do not store fat as easily when we enjoy our treat.

 3. “When I don’t have this type of high sugar food all the time or only sometimes – it tastes fantastic!

When we limit or decide to only have these treats once a while, they suddenly have a bigger impact on our taste buds and we appreciate them more – so does our waist line!

 4. “I am highly conscious of the “naughty” foods that make me want more of the same.”

 When we become conscious of the foods which we want more and more of (such as biscuits, chocolates, breads etc) we can then put measures into place where we gain control over these tricky situations e.g. asking at the restaurant that they bring only one small piece of bread for a starter, instead a large plate of different breads.

 5. “There is no such food as a bad food”

 When we realise that not even a chocolate bar is bad food and that it’s how many bars of chocolate that you consume which can make us unhealthy (same with alcohol).

 I have just finished my yogurt and this blog! Remember, No food is bad!  It’s simply all about how much you have of the food. If you overload yourself with chocolate, pasta and bread, of course there will be consequences. However in moderation, and especially when they are earned with a workout – you will ensure your body stays in balance for longer and you will be able to enjoy more “naughty” foods as you grow older to enjoy even more!

Rick Parcell

Master Coach