Plant Based Food Choices When Eating Out

Most people find it challenging to keep up good habits and stick to a whole food diet plan, especially when they dine out.

Many restaurants nowadays have great choices for whole plant based foods on the menu and in today’s blog, we are looking at some of the options you can choose.

A team from The Body Camp have just attended the plant based conference in Los Angeles and the following information was found there and is fantastic to know.

Here are some good suggestions for making healthy choices when dining out….

1. Steakhouse Restaurants

Baked potato with vegetables, salsa with a salad bar.

2. American Restaurants

Veggie burger and a large side salad

Hummus appetiser and steamed vegetables

3. Italian Restaurants

Whole wheat pasta with vegetables

Loaded vegetable cheese-less pizza (whole grain crust if available)

4. Mexican Restaurants

Black bean or sofritas burrito bowl with brown rice and extra vegetables

Naked taco salad with lots of leafy greens, loaded with black beans, salsa an guacamole

5. Asian and noodles Restaurants

Tofu and veggie stir fry with brown rice

Steamed vegetables, quinoa and zesty bean

6. Sandwich shop

Vegetable wrap or veggie sandwich with a large salad.

Plant based soup and a large salad.

And always remember……

Don’t be afraid to ask! Most restaurants want you to enjoy your experience at a restaurant. Ask for whole food, based options…

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Rick Parcell

Strategic Health Intervention Coach