The 7 Key Areas of Personal Power

Everybody struggles with something in life – what’s yours?

Weight, confidence, happiness, food, alcohol consumption or maybe self-esteem can all affect us. Do you realise that there are only 7 key areas that can give us the solutions to these problems?

At The Body Camp Ibiza, each guest in 2019 will be given the exclusive “Personal Power” booklet. Guests are guided on to the right path by taking a simple daily class within a safe and supportive environment to discover 7 key tools they can use daily to deal with life.

Here’s a quick summary of the all important “7 key areas of personal power”.


Thoughts create your life. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.


Feelings affect our thinking. Feeling are to be embraced – they are signals and not be pushed away!


Our behaviour dictates our results in life. Conscious behaviour is the key here!


Your focus decides where your energy flows.  Positive focus can be chosen!


We breath 20,000 times a day. Learning to use breath can be a game changer!


Good posture means confidence. This transmits to all levels of life including yourself!


Your words are your life. Good communication to yourself and others is key!

Each one of the above is very simple to adapt into a lifestyle. Yet many people do not MAKE the time to concentrate on one of the key areas. Instead they get swamped with life’s problems and forget the personal powers they have! If you are not coming to The Body Camp yet, which of the above areas do you think you could work on to improve your life until you arrive?!

Rick Parcell

Master Strategic Intervention Coach