Your secret super power – Brain waves!

At The Body Camp Bali this year – we have begun to introduce the importance of knowing how brain waves effect our habits and behaviours in every day life. In this short blog, I will explain what BRAIN WAVES are and what they mean for you….

At The Body Camp, we find most guests switch between only two brain waves… Beta and Delta – in others words you are either busy or asleep!

There are 5 basic brain waves to be aware of……

Gamma waves
Top athletes such as Tennis superstar Roger Federer and top class Footballers like Ronaldo spend many hours thinking in the Gamma wave zone when playing sport. This brain wave has been practiced by them over a period of many years and is associated with insight, peak performance and flow. Concentration, focus and learning are all improved when we focus in on these Gamma brain wave areas.

Beta waves
The “busy” brain waves…..this is where most of us spend our time in the mind. It’s the “constantly thinking” “to do list” way of being and can also be you thinking either always in the past or in the future….

In todays fast paced “high speed world” many of us are unconscious of the fact that life is just spent in “go Johnny go go go” brain wave…these waves can cause lack of emotional awareness and creativity.

Alpha waves
The creative brain waves put you in the ’Now” state of mind and in the present moment. Dropping into these brain waves enables us to feel connected to the here and now! We can also watch the thoughts pass by – which are constantly popping up into mind every second we are awake….

Theta waves
Alpha is the dream state of mind where we feel like  “dropping off to sleep”. It’s also a dream state where we imagine and create new possibilities and ideas for yourselves. They are also associated with bursts of creativity!

Delta waves
Deep sleep is where you will find Delta waves. These promote rest and recovery. These waves are highly restorative and required daily by everyone!

The question for you is how do you begin to spend 5 minutes a day in Alpha and Theta? By dropping into those brain waves you will begin to increase your time in the gamma brain waves (the flow state)!

Here’s a few ways to improve your brain wave activity daily…

1. A daily Meditation practise
2. A daily Yoga Practise
3. Walking/Hiking in Nature
4. Spending time in silence
5. Breathing deeply and focused for 5 minutes

What’s stopping you beginning today by exploring your brain waves?

Rick Parcell
Strategic Intervention Coach