16 Benefits Of Training In The Winter Months

At https://thebodycamp.com in Ibiza, we are fortunate to enjoy glorious, perfect, sunny weather all year round.

However many of our guests who come and spend a week with us live in colder climates and have winter to contend with. In today’s blog, we will talk about the benefits of cold weather training. Moving into the winter months, it’s important to recognise the many benefits of training in this season.

There are many benefits of outdoor winter training and we believe the most important is often overlooked – keeping up the healthy workout habit all year round. It’s tough to start a new workout program year after year – especially as a new year’s resolution, like most people do (and I used too). What if our workouts were consistent all year round, never stopping because of the cold or outside conditions? Maybe we would develop a fantastic “can do mindset” and receive enormous consequences…..

Here are the 16 winter training benefits –

  1. Increased Blood flow and circulation to all the arteries and veins – the body has to use and switch on its internal radiator.
  2. Burn more energy and fat stores – due to more energy being required to heat up the body’s core temperature.
  3. The body’s immune system is tested against the cold and therefore has to improve itself.
  4. Cooler temperatures than summer for outdoor exercise = less sweat/smell!
  5. We can offset and balance the damage done by christmas treats and family meals.
  6. Embracing the outdoors and remembering nature is our friend, not the enemy.
  7. Reducing the risk of injury for trips and falls on icy paths – by strengthening the body, using daily workouts.
  8. Improved cardiovascular system – from breathing in cold, crisp air and using outdoor training workouts.
  9. Increased mental strength and robustness.
  10. New beliefs about working out can be achieved “when the going gets tough”.
  11. The body will be ready for skiing / active holiday at a moment’s notice.
  12. Improved chances of better workout – because you have to push yourself physically harder to get warmer in the cold.
  13. Increased chance of enjoying an indoor gym and the benefits of this type of training e.g. weights / TRX/ group classes.
  14. Increased resting metabolism – due to tapping into the bodies reserves in the cold.
  15. Improves the mind by lifting the mood when it’s darker or cloudier in winter.
  16. Get to feel like Rocky training outdoors in the snow in the movie Rocky 4 in Russia!

Types of exercise to be encouraged in winter –

  • Walking outdoors
  • Cycling outdoors (mountain biking etc)
  • Interval jogging outdoors (walk/jog 30 second intervals)
  • Skipping
  • Indoor gym workouts
  • Indoor fitness classes
  • Snow shoeing
  • Nordic skiing
  • Ice skating
  • Hot yoga inside
  • TRX outdoors

A great guy to look up on the internet is Wim Hof. He has lots of cold weather exercises that can help with preparing for the cold and the benefits it brings.

Rick Parcell

Master Coach