“Greed Is Good?” Ten Ways To Combat Greed

At The Body Camp in Ibiza, we become very mindful of the food that is put on our plates or gets served to us.

Some guests arrive thinking they will be restricted to a very small food intake. However this is not the case! They soon realise they have a choice to make when they stay with us at our amazing venue in Spain – eat smaller portions or maintain and grow lean muscle. Our food is so nutritionally dense (it’s 80% plant based, live food), that most people are suprised about how much food they actually do need during their special 7 day stay with us, especially considering how active they are, on our fun packed week!

A few things become clear to guests, who enjoy a stay with us. Most people realise that….

  • they eat far more than they actually need in daily life.
  • they are simply pleasure eaters – not “athlete” eaters (thinking about what the body actually needs for nutrition)
  • they never earn their treats (treats = simple carbs e.g. any food/drink that tastes incredible, such as ice cream, chocolate, bread, alcohol etc)

As I write this, Rebel (The Body Camp mascot) and I are in America, writing a book on mindfulness. One thing we instantly notice here are the bigger portions, the abundance of food and the sheer choice! It’s in the American culture to “think big” and portion size here sometimes reflects this.

The plates in America arrive big, the food is usually bigger and very tasty. I love it – so does Rebel! Thankfully, we have been in The Body Camp environment in Ibiza for the past 9 months and are now much more mindful about our decisions around nutrition and the long term consequences of short term pleasures with food.

So you will be glad to know Rebel is treated like a human. He is allowed 27 pellets of dog food per serving (that’s measurement and portion control!) and he also walks for 30 mins everyday, to earn his daily treat! I have also been following The Body Camp principles of nutrition whilst in America, which our guests learn in Ibiza.

Here are 10 choices that you can make when you are not at The Body Camp, to help with weight control, increased energy levels for life, to put you more in control and keep you away from greed that can lead to unhappiness in the long term.

  1. Use smaller plates.
  2. Eat at regular 2-3 hour intervals.
  3. Keep the portions smaller.
  4. Share meals – if they are too large for one person.
  5. If cooking yourself, weigh and measure the food you cook.
  6. Take your time and eat as slowly as possible.
  7. Focus only on the food – no distractions such as TV.
  8. Eat only when you are hungry – not for comfort/or to feel an emotion.
  9. Eat more live (natural foods) to feel fuller and have more energy.
  10. Plan your meals times and the food you will eat.

Rick Parcell

Master Coach