A Doctor a Day helps you Work, Rest and Play!

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the 2022 season – we are excited to be welcoming back old friends and excited to introduce new friends to our home in Mallorca.

This blog is a quick reminder to take responsibility of our own health & happiness – we are our own doctors.

We each have access to our own internal Doctors. We can control our own health and happiness by accessing them on a daily basis.

How many times have you visited the Doctor in your life?

Do you want to visit them less?

At The Body Camp we believe that we all have the ability to improve our health and prevent disease by utilising our internal Doctors. We should let our inner wisdom guide us to find our “Five Doctors.”

The Body Camp Five Doctors

We can improve our overall health by simply beginning to visit each Doctor daily and become aware of their power!


Mental health is the main cause of ill health in people and drives our decision-making process in life.

At The Body Camp we believe this to be the most important Doctor. Listening to your mind and making all necessary changes gives you the power to make better decisions, reduce stress levels, form healthy habits and calm the chaos inside the mind. People often dismiss their mental health and believe they are too busy to take time out or stop! There are many simple ways to access this Doctor demanding very minimal time – meditation, yoga, breath-work, writing down daily positive affirmations and having a clear path for your future. Self- care is the first step in fueling you to be the best version of you. Music for many people fuels a happier mood – 80’s music transports me to my happiest place and provides a fun environment here at The Body Camp!

Top 5 key areas to focus on….

  • Be mindful of how you speak to yourself and others.
  • Write down and say positive goal-based affirmations daily ie “Today I am going to discover new healthy foods that allow me to increase my energy & digestive health”
  • Meditate daily – this can be as short as 2 minutes …. simply take time to observe your mind.
  • Speak daily with positive friends and send them positive messages – spread the power.
  • Write down and display in a prominent position your top 10 values. Read them every day. All decisions stem from values.


Many people find themselves caught in the cycle of fight or flight – driven by anxiety. In a world offering multiple channels of information and a demand to make quick decisions it is easy to become over whelmed. So much of life is driven by screens it can be hard to escape the noise and demands.

What if we took a step back, took a deep breath and did not respond instantly?

How do we take control and help steer our own lives?

Doctor Quiet is the expert we call on when we feel that life is getting too much. We need plenty of sleep and rest daily. Like an iPhone, the immune system and brain requires daily recharge. Our minds and bodies need to be given time to recover and grow back stronger. Ensure you have a minimum of 6 hours sleep per night and more ideally 8-10 hours. Ensure your bedroom is a sanctuary with zero electronic devices and gentle lighting. Make your bed as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Your immune system and energy levels will thank you for it!

Top 5 Key areas to focus on….

  • Ensure your bedroom is quiet and cool.
  • No electronics (TV/phone/lap top) allowed in your bedroom.
  • Dim the lights around the house, and no screen time, 1 hour before sleep time to support the circadian rhythm.
  • Find a quiet local park in nature daily – breathe deeply and slowly for 5-10 mins.
  • Create clear boundaries with others around your quiet times you deserve during the day.


If you want a healthy, well fueled body, you need to eat as naturally as possible. Eating naturally is essential for the body to function and have the high energy levels you deserve. Eat slowly and mindfully, don’t be distracted by screens or east whilst working. Eat the rainbow, plenty of fruit and vegetables and always use a variety. Make sure you are incorporating high sources of protein where possible, to build muscle. The more toned you are the less fat your body can store! Supplements are another way of ensuring your body has all the key nutrients. (Body Camp have just created a NEW line of protein supplements – Mind/Body/Soul)

Top 5 Key areas to focus on….

  • Always eat as natural as possible.
  • Keep treat, high sugary foods to a minimum – if you are craving an ice cream maybe walk to a local ice cream farm so you have incorporated movement into the experience.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully. Put your fork down in between bites and avoid eating in front of the TV. Make it an experience
  • Look for high sources of good quality protein.
  • Small portions – avoid overeating, especially at night.


Daily movement is crucial for your body. This is essential for all over health – the heart, brain, bones and internal organs as well as encouraging general circulation and increasing muscle strength. It promotes and stimulates the immune system and prepares it for the everyday demands of life and defending itself against diseases and viruses. As well as all of the above, movement is a great stress release and improves the two critical factors in your life – blood flow and air flow. Muscle “expands by demand” and as we get older it becomes very important to maintain and increase muscle. To motivate the movement, music is highly motivational…especially Body Camp’s 80’s vibe!

Top 5 Key areas to focus on….

  • Move your body at least 10 minutes a day.
  • Don’t be afraid to challenge the body – introduce new forms of movement.
  • Schedule structure forms of exercise into your week
  • Have a training buddy or a number of training buddies
  • Seek guidance – a PT can show you the basics or to push you into a new level or form of exercise – your body loves change.


Drinking clean water is crucial to the body and ensuring it functions effectively. The human body is around 50%-70% water dependent on gender and age. The body can only survive for less than a week without fluids. Water supports the bodies four basic functions – acts as a transportation vehicle, supports chemical reactions, acts as a lubricant/shock absorber and is also a temperature regulator. Other fluids such as coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks can be consumed – but always in moderation.

Top 5 Key areas to focus on….

  • Drink 2 litres of water daily.
  • Always have a full water bottle at work or whenever you travel.
  • Reduce consumption of coffee, alcohol and drinks that are artificial.
  • Eat fruits with high water content such as melons etc.
  • Drink a cup of warm water and lemon when you wake up and before you go to bed every day. Your kidneys will thank you!

By using the five Doctors within us, we can reduce our dependency on GP’s and hospitals – so we can work, rest and play.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in 2022.


The Bodycamp Team xx