Losing your identity and why now is the time to re-invent yourself!

During 2020 and 2021 many of us have experienced significant changes in our circumstances…

How people “feel” about and see themselves in the world has been affected in the past 12 months like never before in previous history. Our sense of worth and personal income is often interlinked in this modern world of technology and can have huge implications on mental health – I’m talking a person’s feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

Much of our “worth” and identity can sometimes be linked to our job or how we work. With the world economy slowing down and technology making up an increasing part of our lives, how do we now ‘re-adjust” to this new way of life. With many jobs rapidly changing or disappearing, what is the key to a happy, successful life without the need to identify ourselves by our profession?

For years, many of us have been doing a job that “defined” us. People recognise you as this or that. It is common for people to say, “she’s a doctor, she’s a dentist or he works for the council”. We link people to their job title and may not see beyond that.

When the “identity” or job is taken away from someone they can feel a sense of loss, which can include not being able to serve others, a drop or loss of income and even their social circle.

In this short blog today, we will show you that 2021 is the ideal time to begin your new role in life. This is a good time to look at “what you really want”.

What is your true passion and calling in life? Is now the time to find out?By looking at the following points you can create your dream job and regain your identity. Perhaps it is gardening, painting, nutrition, yoga or teaching? With the ability to do business online, anything is possible.

Below are a series of questions which may help you find your true identity….and create a possible new source of income…

  1. Values – List your top 10 values. (kindness/loyalty/health/fun are examples) Values help you focus on what you want in life. If you are not aware of your own value system, you are probably following someone else’s!
  2. What is your dream day – write down from morning to night what happens on your dream day!
  3. Graveyard shift – what kind of life did you create for yourself and live in the years after you read this blog? Write your life story from death to today backwards!
  4. Money – write down how much money you need to be comfortable earning a year (all bills paid and have enough money to enjoy life).
  5. Friends – which friends support your crazy idea and don’t judge you? List them here.
  6. How do you see your best self? (What do you look like if you have energy and are healthy? What daily health habits would you be doing daily?)
  7. Purpose – How would you like to help yourself feel good by helping others and being paid for it? Explain here…

By working out the above you will get clearer on what “you want” and gain a true sense of your identity and purpose. Take your time and answer the above questions carefully.

It will change your life.