Imagine Your Immune System Was a TV in the 1980’s!

Imagine your immune system was a TV in the 80’s……

Here’s “The Body Camp Times” with a guide to the 6 best channels to focus on and watch daily  – to boost your immune system!

Back in the early 1980’s, there were only 3 Uk TV channels  – BBC 1 /BBC 2 / ITV – then channel 4 came along in the middle of the decade. Life was simple, only 4 channels to choose from!

Nowadays there is so much choice and probably too many channels to choose from! So where do you begin? So much information and confusion. But we must focus on the most important channel!

Here are the most important channels and why to watch them closely!

Channel 1 – Positive self-talk, thoughts and being aware of negative patterns and negative behaviors

Thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect everything and create all our habits in life. When we begin to tune in to these, we can quickly learn to become mindful of all thoughts and turn them into more positive states of mind. We can “think” our immune system into a healthy place and also affect it by thinking negatively. It’s our choice.

Channel  2 – Breathing

Breathing creates a healthy immune system! Just with relaxation, we can all stay calm and be in a more relaxed place… by simply taking control of the breath. We can also improve lung capacity and increase the strength of our lung capacity by focusing on breathing.

Channel 3 – Nutrition

This channel affects not only the immune system but also behavior and our mood. By reducing processed foods, increasing our plant-based food consumption and natural foods, the body creates better skin and tissue and is made stronger in all aspects.

Channel 4- Water

A daily intake of water increases the immune system’s capability to flush away toxins that enter the body and increase hydration for much better performance and concentration levels, which are critical for brain function.

Channel 5 – Movement

When we exercise the immune system is not only tested but it is also strengthened due to the “expand by demand” principle. This means the more we challenge the body to move, many muscles, the heart, skeletal system and immune system have to simply react, adapt and improve.

Channel 6 – Rest and recovery

When we sleep, meditate, practice yoga and just relax, we enable the immune system to restore and rejuvenate its self. This is especially important for people with busy lifestyles and responsibilities.

When watching the above on the TV “immune channel” , which one do you need now, to begin to watch and tune in to more regularly?

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach