The top 10 benefits of the “World Reset” or LOCKDOWN!

The Planet and everything that lives on it is going through a transformation!

At The Body Camp in Mallorca, we always educate all guests and especially ourselves to constantly “reframe” and see the positives of all situations…no matter how bad they seem at first!

How we “think and feel” about any situation we all find ourselves in, is very much up to us! What opportunities are appearing from any problem we encounter and experience in life?

Here are just 10 benefits or positives that we can “choose to focus on” during these challenging times.

  1. Our home is no longer a “pit stop”!

Before 2020, home for some people was arguably a “pit stop” – somewhere to sleep for a few hours, eat and then return back to work again. Now it’s become our sanctuary and a safe zone. Families are now spending time together, communicating and able to appreciate each other’s thoughts and viewpoints!

  1. We are more grateful for what we have!

Thousands are suffering around the world (especially in poorer countries) and the homeless don’t understand why city streets are almost empty. We can now begin to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have a place to live, enjoy running fresh water, electricity, and have the technology to stay informed (if you are reading this you are probably one of the lucky few).

  1. Less stuff is now better – we now know what we really need!

For the past 10 years, we have consumed and bought many things, not really thinking about “why” we really need more clothes, shoes, watches, rings, more cars, multiple houses, etc. We now find it very easy to identify what is really important and how material goods don’t always bring happiness long term.

  1. We value our immune system and health much, much more!

Most people have never even heard about the immune system until now, how it fights disease and keeps our body strong and able to enjoy life. Some people have been walking around thinking “we will always be healthy”. Now we know the foods we eat and how we behave daily determines how strong our Immune system can be to enable it to fend off most problems before the use of medical intervention.

  1. We are learning to exercise indoors and enjoy exercise because we have time!

Exercise has suddenly become a “no-brainer” and we are all understanding that increasing the strength of the immune system and the lungs is paramount. With all this time, we have now lost the “I have no time to exercise” excuse! We are also learning to use the power of technology to work out and smaller areas without the need of gyms or expensive equipment inside our own homes.

  1. The health system will now hopefully be improved across all countries, budgets spent on the correct areas with the government being forced to focus on it!

The health system has now been exposed to not able to cope with large numbers of people who are unwell and increased demand for hospital beds etc. The lack of equipment and staff has now made the governments around the world “sit up and take notice” Hopefully every country in the world after this will have a stronger and “fit for purpose” healthcare system. Do we really need to spend millions on military weapons and missiles when the health care system needs upgrading for future possible outbreaks of this nature?

  1. Nature and everyone around the world is enjoying the break from pollution!

Some people are getting a well-earned rest from work but more importantly, Nature is celebrating and enjoying the break from us too! The canals in Venice, Italy are clear blue and the sky across the world is clear of smoke pollution too! Forests, rivers, oceans and wildlife of all types are enjoying the much-needed break from humans, as we all wait in our homes for the virus to die down. Mother earth is breathing again and is in full bloom!

  1. How we treat our wildlife and wild animals is very important for the planet’s survival!

Possible causes of the virus include killing different types of animals and mixing them together in different cages in markets for consumption by humans. If this caused the original problem, maybe humans will finally get the message? Not respecting all animals and their right to live in the environment where they were born has to be respected at all times!

  1. Personal development, structure, purpose and progress are key values in everyone’s daily life!

We now have the time to focus on becoming a better person and learn how to use the creative side of our minds. What can we develop and what progress can we make, whilst we have this time now at home? Do we learn a language, read a book we have wanted to read for a while, paint or draw on a vision board a future plan of action for after this virus has passed?

  1. The importance of family, friends and community.

One of the most significant things to come out of this reset is the importance of our loved ones – family, friends and the people in our local and wider communities. The importance of a hug, a handshake, a high five! Parties, gatherings, nights out at the pub! Visiting our loved ones in hospital. We have become more aware and grateful of our keyworkers such as the people who work in the NHS in all capacities, who work in all our care sectors, our engineers, transport drivers, construction workers, shop keepers….the list goes on and on. This new appreciation of the people in our life will enhance all our relationships when life is back to normal, hopefully with the knock on effect of more peace and harmony across the globe.

This virus will pass. Will you look back and say to yourself ‘How did I use that world reset (lockdown) time in a positive way for myself and to help others?

The choice is yours!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach