Out With Numbers, In With Real Progress

“Numbers’ – Real progress is the reason why Body Camp does not use numbers to weigh or measure the body.

In today’s blog, I will explain that there are many better ways than using “numbers” to measure success….

We as humans are so much more than a number! Guests at The Body Camp do not get weighed or measured. We simply believe that progress in Wellness is much more than that.

Progress is the way forward – not “numbers”!

Let’s look at the concept of “numbers” for a moment….

In the military, everyone is a “number”. When troops line up for inspection they are given a “number” and all personnel shout it out to identify themselves, one at a time and in order (James Bond is of course the most famous number – 007!). Upon leaving the Service, some people find it challenging to be “themselves” instead of the “number” (many homeless people are ex-military.)

In high earning places in the world, some people define and identify themselves with how much money they have in a bank account – indeed their internal happiness and how they feel …..is directly linked to this “number” in their bank account.

Some people give meaning to the “number” of their age and its meaning. People say “I can’t do this or that anymore because of the “number” of years I am now and so on.

In magazines there is an unrealistic sense of what size “number” is possible  and what body shape is achievable for a busy person with various lifestyle factors.

Wellness is beyond a “number” – it’s a state of mind. When we learn that internal happiness is a choice and remember that “self love” begins with awareness and positive, kind “self talk”, we can begin to understand that “numbers” are only external factors that we interpret internally – however we want to!

Here are 10 ways we measure Wellness at The Body Camp daily – without the need for a “number” for weighing and measuring the body:

  1. The way we feel internally in the mind – “Become Happy and improve stress reduction”
  2. The way we feel internally in the body  – “Detoxed and increased nutrients”
  3. Improved clarity and an improved vision of your dream future and goals you can achieve!
  4. Increased confidence in the body and mind – whatever your age!
  5. Better ways to communicate to yourself and others.
  6. Improved awareness of “self talk” and “self love”
  7. Increased flexibility and range of movement.
  8. Improved strength and ability to exercise.
  9. Realising we can become happy when exercising and have fun with exercise.
  10. Understanding plant-based food’s possibilities after camp and the long term benefits on Wellness.

 “Numbers” can be always used in the positive. Indeed they can help people reach some targets. However, they are not the “be all and end all” They are part of life and JUST ONE of many tools to use. But not the most important!

What is important is how you “think” about “numbers”, how you measure your personal Wellness progress and what YOU MAKE “numbers” really mean to you!

Finally, “numbers’ are an unhappy trigger for some people and can be a constant form of stress……catching yourself going into a negative pattern about “numbers” and putting yourself in a positive mindset or “happy place” is crucial to handling the many storms that come and go in our lives daily – this also affects your habits and behaviours, and of course…… your destiny.

If you are ONLY using “numbers” in different areas in your life to measure your progress, perhaps it’s time to open up to new possibilities and begin finding new ways to measure Wellness.

Rick Parcell
Strategic Intervention Coach