The Left Or Right Path?

In this week’s blog, we are going to look at how we can make better decisions around food, alcohol and other events which happen to us in life.

Most people are driven by old automatic patterns or behaviour, which are learnt in our younger years. As we develop into our teens and adulthood, most of these “passed on patterns” are already ingrained in us. They are usually taught by our parents but also come from the need for familiarity and survival. These become “unconscious choices”

THE LEFT PATH – Unconscious, automatic “staying clear of fear” choices!

Welcome to “the left path” – automatic, safe and easy choices, which are usually made from a place of fear and will become very normal after a while.

Here’s some examples of unconscious, automatic choices:

• Brushing your teeth when you wake up.
• Always ordering the same food at a restaurant or making the same lunch and taking it to work.
• Sitting in the same place on your commute or driving the same route to work.
• Drinking regularly a glass of wine when cooking, after a hard day at work.
• Watching TV every night whilst eating at the same time.

THE RIGHT PATH – Conscious and loving thoughts which are carefully made decisions made from a place of mindfulness and awareness.

This is known as “the right path” – Mindful and awareness-based choices which help you enable yourself to find the best way to live.

Here are some examples of conscious, mindful choices:

• Ordering food from a menu and becoming AWARE what and why you are ordering that food or drink.
• Pausing and becoming mindful about how you FEEL when you arrive home from work and THINK before you pour that glass of wine or beer.
• Before speaking, pausing and checking in WITH YOURSELF before you speak out loud to your loved one about a problem.
• Consciously slowing down your eating and mindfully eating your food with no distractions.

At any point when we make a decision in our lives around food, alcohol or anything, we are ALWAYS AT CHOICE!

When we realise we can choose the left path or right path – we then regain FULL PERSONAL POWER over our lives.

Which path will you choose today?

By Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach