Beliefs And How They Control Your Destiny


In this week’s blog, we are going to look at something that influences our daily decisions in every moment – our CORE BELIEFS.

Roger Bannister died recently. He believed he could run 1 mile in under 4 minutes. He then made history as the first person to run a sub 4 minute mile, changing the beliefs of all runners way back in 1954 (previously thought impossible!!!!!!)

What happened after Bannister achieved this? Many other runners also began to believe it was possible and achieved it, changing athletics forever.

Nobody is born with BELIEFS – they are something we learn as we age. During our childhood (roughly 7-14 years old), many of our beliefs about how life should be are formed and they are usually learnt behaviours from our parents.

Here are some classic BELIEFS

  • Money does not grow on trees.
  • Children should be seen and not heard.
  • You are too young to do that.
  • Eat all that food on the plate – there are children starving in Africa and you will offend me if you don’t.
  • Drinking lots of milk builds strong bones.

In some cases, beliefs may be true – but as we reach an adult age, it’s always healthy to “check in” on our beliefs and ask ourselves, “are they really true?”

Have a look at the following five areas of life and decide what BELIEFS are creating your life and how they are shaping your decisions.


What do you believe about your health? Do you think you will never be able to lose that belly fat, hip fat or reduce your alcohol intake?


Do you believe you can only make a certain amount of money and that competition is too much to handle in your business sector?


Do you believe a healthy relationship is impossible or believe it’s impossible because you have been in too many bad romances?


Do you believe family time is important and a priority?


Do you show yourself love and everyone around you?


Another belief to become aware of is a “limiting belief.” These are limiting you at an unconscious level and stopping you from making progress in your life!


  • I will never be able to make enough money to have a great life.
  • I will never be healthy and have the body I deserve because I was born like this.
  • I don’t deserve the best in life because I am not good enough.

BELIEFS have a huge impact on our lives. Why not think about and then discover yours NOW and gain the success you deserve in life.

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Health Coach