No More Boring Workouts

No more boring workouts! Need to spice it up?

Are you tired of doing the same old run, lifting the same old weights the same old boring way and not seeing a change in your body?

In today’s blog from the world’s most fun and best mind/body retreat ( in Ibiza), we look at exactly why guests who attend for the week, get fantastic benefits and can change their body shape and mindset into a positive one so quickly.

The Body Camp has created a bulletproof style of training for body change and uses this every week. It’s a very special method called the Muscle Confusion and Mayhem Method!

What is The Body Camp “Muscle Confusion and Mayhem Method”?

When someone uses a variety of different workouts – which are fun and challenging at the same time, the body is challenged to develop and just gets sexier!!!

How does it work?

Our guests are introduced daily to this method, to challenge the body. By creating an “expand by demand” style workout, Body Campers who come to Ibiza, experience many different types of exercise – which is fun, hardcore but never boring! They can also take these workouts home and use them after camp.

What type of exercises introduce the “Muscle confusion and mayhem method”?

Animal training (movement patterns from the wild), anger management boxing, learning MTV dance video routines, TRX, Navy swimming, beach sports, 1980’s Arnold weight training, fitness testing, 8-mile hikes, short fartlek training, tabata, yoga, breathwork, bio – energy shaking mediation, Baywatch beach workouts (running barefoot in the sand) and many more, are all methods used at The Body Camp.

Why is the method so powerful?

When we use a variety of workouts at camp, we have found people change their body in a small amount of time. This is because of the new learnt movement patterns, techniques and different stimulus created when using the Muscle Confusion and Mayhem Method.

By introducing just one new exercise a week into your personal wellness programme, you will feel, see and make a big difference to your body. So don’t always do the same old workout when at the gym or out running. Change it up and use muscle confusion and mayhem to spice up your life!


Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Health Coach