The Best Ways To Monitor Fat Loss

What’s the best way to measure fat loss and progress when we begin exercising or a new diet?

This week’s blog from in Ibiza is about weighing scales!

For many years governments, doctors and medical professionals around the world have used measurement tools such as BMI (body mass index) and weighing scales. These have helped many people receive a very basic measurement and simple picture of their health.

Here is one thing to understand……

Weighing scales and BMI measurements are NOT GOOD, for people who are healthy, exercise regularly and are strong!

This is because when you exercise regularly, you build up dense muscles, stronger organs/ligaments/tendons and the skeletal system becomes heavier, which means your weight may increase even though you have lost body fat, inches and dropped in clothes size.

With recent advances in technology in regard to measuring health, it’s important to understand the much improved options available these days to track our health or monitor losing fat from various areas on our body. Fat loss can be measured in several better ways – not just BMI or the weighing scales!

  1. Measuring tape – This is The Body Camp method. We use a tape on the five areas where body fat gets stored. We measure this at the beginning and the end of a week, with guests at our retreat. This is a great indicator for the body and how it’s changing shape.
  2. Underwater weighing -This is the gold standard in fat measurement and the most accurate by far. A person lays on their back in swimwear in a special water tank – then submerge their head in water and breathe out all the air in the body. A computer then calculates body fat and weight very accurately, due to the water dis-placement and difference between the body and water weight.
  3. Caliper – 4 areas of fat around the body are “pinched” with specially made “body fat” calipers. Measurements are then taken from each one and recorded.
  4. Bio impedance – This is an electronic scale. When a person stands on it, a tiny signal is sent around the body harmlessly and back to the computer. This calculates body fat, BMI and weight.

As you can see, the “old school” style of just using weighing scales is NOT the best way to go about measuring your progress. Remember – the healthier you are – the less your weight matters!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach