How To Get Your Mojo Back!

Life throws at us all many challenges and it’s all too easy to lose your mojo. Many guests who spend a week with us quickly recover from setbacks they have experienced in the past and bounce back. There are many ways people rediscover their mojo at The Body Camp!

Here are 5 ways anyone can rediscover and get back their mojo:

  1. Cutting out sugars, processed foods, dairy products and reducing food potions.

By following The Body Camp sugar free and diary free meal plan for only 7 days, guests rediscover new energy levels and become incredibly alert in the mind and the body after a period of sadness or despair.

  1. Having non-stop fun!

With so much fantastic music available The Body Camp guests always feel energised and begin to find their dancing feet, enjoying themselves again in daily fitness classes and gaining back lost confidence in themselves.

  1. Meeting supportive, fantastic, positive people from all walks of life.

The Body Camp attracts guests from around the world from all walks of life. They arrive with one goal in mind – to change, relax, recharge and improve behaviour! This creates an environment of growth and understanding, with any judgment simply banned! Goal setting and mind tools for life after The Body Camp are also taught daily.

  1. Enjoying the sun and sights of Ibiza or Mallorca.

The weather on the islands is always incredible and lifts the mood immediately! This combined with sight-seeing on daily excursions (such as the hikes) supports switching of the mindset of unhappiness into one of hope for the future.

  1. Detox – Eliminating alcohol/drugs/sweet foods from your life for a period of time.

By following our 80% plant-based diet, behaviour is affected at a chemical level. This combined with fresh air, support, sun and new-found friends is the ultimate antidote to losing one’s mojo!

It is possible to get your mojo back – you just have to be open, ready to accept you need support and take action!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach