Be A Frog!

Why do we never see a frog in a car park?

So, if you were a frog – where would your POND of choice be?

In today’s blog from the, we are looking at which environment you put yourself in on a daily basis and why. We all know that nature is the best at finding itself the best place to thrive in life.


One example is a frog – they always find a pond to inhabit, to be better and healthier!

Here are a few reasons why the frog chooses a pond instead of a CAR PARK…

  1. The water is good for them. (As opposed to concrete in the multi-story CAR PARK)
  2. Plenty of lily pads to chill out on at the pond. (As opposed to CARS passing by all the time at the CAR PARK)
  3. Plenty of healthy food at the pond. (Not much food in CAR PARKS)
  4. Greater chance to meet up with other healthy frogs to communicate at the pond…(Frogs love healthy frogs to become “mates” with!)
  5. Safe environment at the pond. (No chance of being squashed by a car!)

Now – let’s look at an unconscious, unmindful human being….

  1. Humans may choose a pond for a few hours that just makes them feel better in the short term and gives them a temporary distraction or “fun” time (pub/nightclub?)
  2. Humans choose to find themselves in environments that create money in bank accounts but create a withdrawal effect on their health bank account (long, dedicated hours at the “pond” office)
  3. Humans choose to be and spend time with people who have negative beliefs and views so they can talk about these and make themselves feel RIGHT!
  4. Humans find an environment that serves unhealthy foods which make them feel unhealthy in the long term (fast food cafes etc).
  5. Humans love to find (especially before sleeping) a place/object that supports THEIR view on the world – a TV set/IPAD/IPHONE….NOT WHAT NATURE VIEWS AND SUPPORTS!

Are you spending enough time in healthy PONDS?

Here are some examples of human healthy ponds…

  1. A gym/a green park outside!
  2. A good vegetarian cafe.
  3. The ocean or spending time relaxing by it.
  4. Spending time with positive people.
  5. The outdoors with nature and animals.
  6. The bodycamp in Ibiza or Mallorca.
  7. How AND WHERE you spend your precious time in life will dictate the quality of your life. Hop along!!!!!!!  Be a FROG ……

Choose wisely and consciously!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach