Make sure the only thing getting stuffed this Christmas is the turkey!

At Christmas, most people put on 10lbs over the holiday period, due to a combination of factors. In this blog, we will look at five easy ways to reduce the damage and finally stop the “new year’s diets and exercise plans” that 90% of people fail after an over indulgent holiday.

Here are five easy ways to avoid bursting at the seams!

  1. Balance and Portion control – This is especially important in the USA! When filling your plate or if somebody is serving you, ensure the plate is smaller than normal when possible. Ensure you begin your meal with veggies first, then meat, leaving the bread until last! Being mindful at this time of year will lead to an increased chance of maintaining better habits for the following year. REMEMBER all food is good IN MODERATION. There is NO BAD FOOD as long as you avoid over eating – Balance is key!
  2. Drink at least one bottle of water before eating – Drinking water will fill up the stomach, ensuring that you feel less hungry as well as flushing out toxins that may be building up.
  3. Before attending a social event eat something small and healthy. If you already know you are attending a gathering, it is good protocol to eat a healthy meal before going out. This ensures the edge is taken off the hunger and you may find that you eat less at the buffet (may!!!!!!)
  4. Earn your treats and exercise every 2 days for 30 mins over the holiday period. This is a top rule at The Body Camp Ibiza and Mallorca fitness retreats. It simply means that if you are going to eat any form of simple carbs (bread/pasta/ice cream/sweets etc) before you choose to eat such foods, exercise for a minimum of 30 mins. Strength training or cardio are recommended. This ensures your metabolism is increased and will also alter your hunger by lowering it and might make you think about choosing a healthier meal. Make sure you exercise every two days – one day “on”, one day “off”.
  5. Don’t drink your calories. The no. 1 way to increase weight at this time of year is by drinking your calories. This is not only alcoholic calories but also soft drinks, juices, coffee lattes etc. Be mindful of your consumption and always drink at least a bottle of water every hour at an event or wherever you may be.

The holidays are a fantastic time to apply new food rules for the coming year and begin great habits for life!

You can set up for success by following the five strategies listed above.

REMEMBER – If you can do this over the holidays you can do this anytime and say goodbye to diets once and for all!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach