The New Year Is Fast Approaching – So Use The Consistency Rule!

Every New Year many of us fail miserably to change an old habit or to stop doing something which might be bad for our health long term. Even though we know it’s bad for us or the doctor has advised us to cut down, we may still find ourselves in trouble! 

Our staff talk to hundreds of guests, who before attending complain about how they never seem to be able to make their resolutions stick after the New Year. Many of us seem to share the same problem!

Guests found in normal life that they begin a new healthy habit but then motivation levels decrease. At The Body Camp they experience a new found inner strength, realising it is possible to begin a healthy habit and sustaining it for an extended period of time.

After leaving our camps in Mallorca and Ibiza, our guests report back that the coaching on daily habits taught during their stay soon became part of their lifestyle and a normal routine.

So, are you ready for the simple one word answer? Is it will-power or something deeper?

There is only one thing we all need to commit to after New Year’s Eve for anything to change in our lives – be bloody consistent! (that’s three words!)

“The Consistency Rule” is easy to follow and over extended periods of time works with everything.

Here are 5 examples:

  1. One can of soft drink or pop enjoyed on a daily basis for six months – end result on your waist/teeth is very damaging.
  2. A salad or green smoothie every day for lunch for six months – end result on your body fat levels would be very favourable.
  3. Reading a self-improvement book for 10 mins every day for 6 months – end result on your emotional intelligence will be increased confidence.
  4. Exercise daily for 10 mins for six months – end result on resting heart rate and blood pressure would be a decrease in those levels and various cardiovascular gains.
  5. Meditate for 10 mins a day for six months – end result on stress levels and anxiety would be lower and better cognitive function.

By adopting “The Consistency Rule” on New Year’s Day, scheduling it into your diary and making time for you on a daily basis, you will find that by doing the same positive action each day at the same time, you will eventually create a habit!

This habit will become a neurological pathway wired into your brain for life. This will create automatic thinking within the unconscious mind and enable the conscious mind to be more selective about future habits and behaviours.

Rick Parcell

Master Strategic Intervention Coach