Why you should travel solo this year

Travelling solo can be the most amazing experience for so many people but can also feel a little scary. Trips to Bali, Australia and New Zealand are becoming commonplace with many opting for a solo pilgrimage to places far and wide.

However, if traveling solo to the other side of the world alone feels a little daunting, there are many other options that will challenge you but in a safe and friendly environment…cue The Body Camp!

We welcome lots of solo guests to The Body Camp each year, many of whom either wanted a holiday but their friends were already committed, parents who need a little (child-free!) getaway as well as those who wanted the chance to meet an awesome bunch of new friends!

Our group fitness programme, communal meal times and shared bedrooms (single occupancy is available) mean that you share the experience with lots of like-minded people. We encourage guests to embrace a digital detox during their stay with us leaving everyone no option but to converse with each other and practice their real-life social skills leaving social media and digital communication at home for the week.

Our guests may come as solo travellers but they leave with an address book full of new friends and a new like-minded community.

If you’d like to find out more about one of our retreats, give our bookings team a call on +441548 550803 or email them info@thebodycamp.com, they’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.